My interest in MIN started because I used to be very lonely, from college to home I was alone, I was a very shy person, and I always thought that when I wanted to say something to somebody I had to ask someone else to say it…

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“I was new in Scotland when I came to MIN. I felt lost and lonely, I needed a purpose for life. I also missed interaction with a variety of cultures that I was used to having, coming from a multicultural country. At first I joined MIN …

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In 2015, I was new to Glasgow and didn’t know many people here, someone told me I should go along to MIN as it was a friendly place and I would get to know more people and learn more about the city…

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“I came along to MIN in the summer of 2019 and became a volunteer supporting the children’s activities; it was actually life-changing for me to have this experience. Before I joined MIN I didn’t have any…

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“I was keen to do some volunteering as a way of making a contribution to the community. I also felt it was important to take some action to address racism.   
Volunteering with Family Nest is a really positive experience…

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I am an asylum seeker, and I am not allowed to work. For some time, I spent too much of my days at home, not going out. It had an impact on my mental health and my GP told me I need to become more involved in the community…

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I came to the UK in 2016, I was a teacher in a primary school for 17 years, I left Syria because of the war, after 3 months in the UK came to MIN, I found out about MIN from two women at the primary school…

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Before I came to MIN, I was so bored, always in my accommodation; the pandemic was at its peak, and I was new to Glasgow.
I was connected into MIN and it became my platform to reach out to new people

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I joined the ESOL classes at MIN for two main reasons; 1. to improve my English by interacting with other people, especially native speakers, and 2. to allow my daughter to interact with other children….

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I chose to do my placement at Maryhill Integration Network because I was once a volunteer and a member of the Board with the organisation.
I was studying BA Community Development, which is a 4 year…

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I joined MIN in early January of 2016, I heard about it from friends. I’m originally from Eritrea, I am always keen to learn new things and discovering places, especially in the outdoors. At first I started to  expand my…

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My personal and political commitment is to a Scotland where everyone living here is welcome and treated with justice and fairness. I’ve lived in Maryhill all of my life, over the past few years, via the media and reflecting…

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“Coming to the choir makes me feel very happy and relaxed. Since I joined I’ve noticed lots of changes. For example, I feel physically fit, healthier and less stressed. This is because it is all about singing and laughing, loving and …

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Maryhill Integration Network is a registered charity (SC037300),

our aim is to create positive social change by providing a welcoming space and opportunities for connection and collaboration across communities.

Our work depends on the support of people like you who share our belief that refugees should be welcomed into society and shown respect and kindness from the moment they arrive.

Donors help us to continue to provide the essential work we deliver which enables healing from trauma and supports people to thrive in our community.

Show your support in resisting the hostile environment and be part of our local movement of solidarity demonstrating that Glasgow welcomes refugees.

“Every city, every country, everywhere needs an organisation like MIN so that people can start a new life in the best possible way” - Ehsan (MIN group participant).

Please see some of our testimonies for details of the impact we make. 

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