I joined MIN in early January of 2016, I heard about it from friends.

I’m originally from Eritrea, I am always keen to learn new things and discovering places, especially in the outdoors.

At first I started participating with the Men’s Groups but after a while I started to  expand my participation as Tigrinya volunteer interpreter, as well as creative writing project with Migrant Voice Network , Capoeira Brazilian martial art classes and community gardening.

These activities have had a big impact in integrating me in this society because of the friendly staff and the chances for learning new skills; that is helpful to me. I have socialized myself with people from different countries and different cultures.

All the things I mentioned above would not be mine if I didn’t join MIN. Everything has its own positive impact but for the sake of mentioning, the poem project and walking outdoors in Aberfoyle were outstanding. 

I will always remember these amazing opportunities.