Who We Are

Our Vision and Mission

Vision – MIN’s Vision is for an inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and can live supported and connected lives.

Mission – MIN’s Mission is to create a unique and creative environment in which communities can come together to share experiences and demonstrate the value of cultural diversity in Scotland.

Our Core Values

    We encourage everyone to feel safe, forge friendships and make social and
    supportive connections across the community, helping to rebuild lives and
    create a neutral, welcoming place for all.

    We believe in universal human rights and treat everyone on an individual basis,
    and with dignity; we strive for “acceptance without judgement” [service user quote].

    We understand the negative impact of inequality and social exclusion in our
    society, and aim to reduce barriers to equality and make Scotland a fairer place.

    We support participation in the development of our services with the aim to
    reflect the diversity of all involved.

    We promote awareness of rights and entitlements, supporting ambitions
    to live autonomously, providing access to advice, support, personal
    development opportunities and a collective voice within the community.

    We celebrate the use of arts and culture as a means of expression, challenging
    stereotypes and negative media coverage, in order to create authentic narratives
    which value contributions made by all in our community.