My interest in MIN started because I used to be very lonely, from college to home I was alone, I was a very shy person, and I always thought that when I wanted to say something to somebody I had to ask someone else to say it because I thought no one would understand me. A few weeks after I joined MIN, I felt encouraged to speak English by the volunteers there, I built so much my confidence and I’m very talkative now, I can’t stop talking! I learned at this group to stand tall by myself, not to be shy and to say what you want to say. I joined MIN in early 2011, I met volunteers and other women from all over the world, from all backgrounds, and I feel that this is where I belong. Joining MIN changed a lot for me; even my kids are confident here and look forward to coming to the crèche. I’ve participated in trips and been to lovely places, I love going on the trips with lots of people. Being part of MIN has made a big difference to my life, I can’t imagine my life now before I joined MIN, I was always at home not talking to anyone; it was very hard for me. Where could I go if I needed to speak to someone? I would miss my friends so much if I couldn’t come to MIN.

I feel so comfortable here. My favourite experience at MIN was a trip to the woodlands, it was Family Adventure Day. I love nature so much, it’s so beautiful, and we made some decorations for trees that could be used later by birds to make their nests. I loved making these and thinking about how the birds will be able to use them after us. My kids love to come, when my first son was 4 weeks old, he came to the crèche, and when he went to nursery it was easy for him, he knew how to be with other people and share things. And now it’s the same with my second boy. They are so happy in the crèche and I am happy with my friends in the women’s group.