Before I came to MIN, I was so bored, always in my accommodation; the pandemic was at its peak, and I was new to Glasgow.
I was connected into MIN and it became my platform to reach out to new people.
All the activities are healthy and progressive. I never knew I could be the kind of person to be creative, and also to speak in front of other people. At MIN I find that the groups are sensible and of use, especially the campaigns and the information we receive.
I have made MIN to be like my home, and whatever they’re doing I want to be part of it. Without MIN, I would miss my friends, all the cordialities, events, campaigns, and the art of learning new things. If I did not find MIN, I believe my options would be limited. I wouldn’t be able to reach out to the new opportunities I can access now. I would say to anyone wishing to join MIN to have no second thoughts. MIN will help you to have new alliances, confidence, and self-efficacy – they will help you be the person you want to be.
Without MIN, I felt alone, being part of the activities has made me realise my potential. I used to be a shy person, I didn’t want to speak in front of others, now I want to speak and stand up for others, and represent asylum seekers.

In addition to campaigning, I took part in some art workshops with MIN. I never knew that this would be the kind of thing I could do, but it showed me it’s possible to try new things, that there are other ways to see the world through art, and that as an individual, there is no limit to what you can do.

In the future, with MIN, I would like to do more volunteering and advocacy in order to help other asylum seekers and refugees. This is what I have a real passion for and I hope, one day, to train to become a lawyer. MIN gave me more confidence and belief in myself. I feel like when I speak, that people will listen to me. Here I’ve felt real compassion, and a feeling of welcoming; MIN is a safe-haven where I feel I belong.

Maryhill Integration Network is a registered charity (SC037300),

our aim is to create positive social change by providing a welcoming space and opportunities for connection and collaboration across communities.

Our work depends on the support of people like you who share our belief that refugees should be welcomed into society and shown respect and kindness from the moment they arrive.

Donors help us to continue to provide the essential work we deliver which enables healing from trauma and supports people to thrive in our community.

Show your support in resisting the hostile environment and be part of our local movement of solidarity demonstrating that Glasgow welcomes refugees.

“Every city, every country, everywhere needs an organisation like MIN so that people can start a new life in the best possible way” - Ehsan (MIN group participant).

Please see some of our testimonies for details of the impact we make. 

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