I joined the ESOL classes at MIN for two main reasons; 1. to improve my English by interacting with other people, especially native speakers, and 2. to allow my daughter to interact with other children. She was less than 3 years and I couldn`t enrol her to a nursery. I attended classes at the community centre 3 times before the pandemic, I feel a little sad because I felt I had lost the opportunity to improve my English, my speaking, but luckily, I received a proposal to continue our online courses; I didn’t hesitate to accept. During these difficult times, it was the best thing that gives me strength, my English has got better and I really enjoy our weekly meeting. It’s a happy time. I have learned a lot of things with my tutor, who I would like to thank extremely for their time, support and kindness.In September 2020, I started ESOL level 4 at college, but I’m still continuing to join MIN`s ESOL classes online, because it’s as important to me as my college sessions; my speaking, my writing got better because of MIN and I have expanded my vocabulary. I have a strong commitment to ESOL at MIN, because often I am reminded of the most difficult times I had ever had in my life, but once I meet my friends from MIN and my tutor online, I forgot all negative things around me and I enjoy the moment of learning, discovering new things, and discussing about several interesting topics.
When I arrived in Scotland, I was anxious when I had to speak in English and this feeling didn’t help me to be more expressive and I lost my words and found myself with “em em em” most of the time.

Now, MIN’s ESOL Classes helps me to be more expressive, I can understand others and be more understood. I feel more confident when I speak, write or call a service. Also, before I used google translate to write or try to search on the internet about something, but now I write directly without using google translate. 

Everyone at MIN does their best to help us to improve our English and succeed in life, settle in and work on our personal development and career. It’s an opportunity to get ahead and achieve goals we have set up. I always enjoy the lovely moments we have. It’s a way to be more expressive, to discuss, to learn, and to begin wonderful friendships. This allows us to be open to other cultures and discover new things. Despite the differences between our cultures, beliefs and origins, respect reigns.