Right to Vote

In February 2020, the Scottish Parliament passed a new law, Scottish Elections (Franchise and Representation) Act 2020, which extends the right to vote in Scottish elections to people who are over 16 and live in Scotland. This includes everyone with leave to remain, including people with refugee status. 

By granting voting rights to all those who are lawfully resident in Scotland, and extending candidacy rights to those with indefinite leave to remain, the Scottish Parliament has sent a clear message that Scotland is a welcoming, inclusive country, where everyone should be treated equally not matter where they are from.

Throughout the Right to Vote campaign, we worked together with Scottish Refugee Council and the Voices Network, ensuring and creating a platform for people with lived experience to participate and make decisions. 

What next: 

Maryhill Integration Network believes that everyone who calls Scotland home should have a vote in how the country is run and therefore, should have the same voting rights as other citizens in Scotland. 

People seeking asylum in Scotland are searching for safety, to rebuild their lives and create a future. They should have a role in the decision making process, just like everyone else, as the policies set in Holyrood and local goverment also impact their lives.


Register to vote: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote


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