Our Grades Not Visas

Our Grades Not Visas : Access to Education

People seeking asylum and migrant students struggle to access University due to their immigration status and due to a Scottish Government tuition fee policy

Our Grades Not Visas campaign has been fronted by Ahmed Alhindi, who could not access university after unconditional offers due to his immigration status. 

Maryhill Integration Network, together with Ahmed and JustRight Scotland is calling for Right to Education in Scotland for migrants and people seeking asylum.

After the success of Our Grades Not Visas campaign in raising awareness by student Ahmed and with the Jasim vs Scottish Government case led by JustRight Scotland, we encourage everyone:

Ahmed Alhindi, Our Grades, Not Visas

“I want migrant students to feel a little less isolated. When I started this campaign, I thought I was the only one and many other students I’ve spoken to have said the same thing.

“There are hundreds of us and it would bring relief to know you’re not alone. I’ve heard stories of students who had unconditional offers for medicine or engineering but had to just wait four or five years in silence before they could go to university.”

Pinar Aksu, Human Rights and Advocacy Coordinator, MIN

“Talent is being wasted and the Scottish Government currently has an opportunity to do the right thing here.””

Link to Our Grades Not Visas – https://www.ognv.org.uk/