MIN Voices Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Group

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MIN Voices gives refugees and asylum seekers a voice in the many issues they experience, at local and national levels. It is an advocacy and peer-support group for people to have their voices heard.

A participatory platform through which members can share information, be creative, campaign, access training and volunteering opportunities.

As well as providing peer group support, MIN Voices organises information sessions on the issues affecting those from the asylum seeker and refugee communities such as Third Party Reporting on Hate Crime, Confidence Building and current UKBA and Housing policies.

The group are also given opportunities to host community events and take part in volunteering to encourage community engagement and reduce social isolation.

Current campaigns:

  • Right to Work : Lift the Ban
  • Right to Vote
  • Access to Education : Our Grades, Not Visas
  • Free Bus Pass for Asylum Seekers
  • Nationality and Borders Act

For more information email pinar@maryhillintegration.org.uk

Right to Work – Voices of the People