ICT Classes

ICT should be a shortening for “information, communication and technology” so that it is broad enough to include all the different aspects of what the acronym stands for. Some people focus on the “technology” whilst others focus on the “information” or “communication”. 

Our goal at MIN by collaborating with City Of Glasgow College is to provide a chance and opportunity for Asylum Seekers and Refugees to choose where their focus want to be, to encourage them take their very first steps towards education and learning, to give them hope that there is something to look forward to it, and to make all this happen we did have a great support from COGC and specifically their Computing department .

The project is lead by our Skill Development Officer Hadi Jafarizadeh and delivered in partnership with City OF Glasgow College and took place in the main COGC building at Cathedral St during the study year of 2022-2023.