End Hotel Detention 

End Hotel Detention: Working to create positive changes in our communities 

We are proud to be part of the Roof Coation asking to end the use of hotels and other forms of institutional accommodation for people seeking asylum across Scotland. 

The Roof Coalition represents a diverse range of groups and organisations campaigning for safe and dignified housing for people seeking asylum. 

Everyone in Scotland deserves to live in a community-based residential accommodation which meets all Scottish social housing standards.

The Roof Coalition invites all civil society organisations, policy makers, and public services across Scotland to say no to the normalisation of the use of hotel accommodation, de-facto detention and asylum camps and act now to #EndHotelDetention for all the people seeking asylum.

The End Hotel Detention calls on elected representatives to:

  • Ensure people seeking in Scotland are accommodated in dignified, safe, habitable, and fit for purpose accommodations.
  • Ensure people seeking are housed in communities where they can integrate, instead of being warehoused in de-facto detention conditions.
  • Ensure  people seeking are supported to access their rights and entitlements and their human rights are respected and protected across Scotland.
  • Provide Scottish local authorities and public services with powers and resources to deliver housing and support to asylum seekers in line with Scottish housing and care standards.  This would be the only way to ensure equality for all Scottish residents regardless of their immigration status.

You can support the campaign by writing to your MP and MSPs to ask them to ensure that everyone seeking asylum in Scotland can access safe and dignified accommodation.

Maryhill Integration Network is a registered charity (SC037300),

our aim is to create positive social change by providing a welcoming space and opportunities for connection and collaboration across communities.

Our work depends on the support of people like you who share our belief that refugees should be welcomed into society and shown respect and kindness from the moment they arrive.

Donors help us to continue to provide the essential work we deliver which enables healing from trauma and supports people to thrive in our community.

Show your support in resisting the hostile environment and be part of our local movement of solidarity demonstrating that Glasgow welcomes refugees.

“Every city, every country, everywhere needs an organisation like MIN so that people can start a new life in the best possible way” - Ehsan (MIN group participant).

Please see some of our testimonies for details of the impact we make. 

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